American Armored Foundation and Tank Museum Danville, VA

They say the average visitor spends 2 ½ hours here and when you see the long, cavernous, 330,000 sq.ft. hall filled with tanks and artillery, you’ll believe it. The inspiration of founder and collector William Gasser, the Tank Museum is now one of the largest and most extensive collections of tanks and artillery pieces in the world (more than 120 of them, to be precise).  Positioned side-by-side that means you’re in for a lot of walking, but what a treat.  Shermans, Pershing’s, Patton’s, German tanks, British – they’re  all here in one giant space. There are period military uniforms (more than 300 of them), flame throwers, bazookas, and machine guns (150 of those), plus all sorts of small weapons (more than 65 of them). And that just scratches the surface. There are detailed dioramas showing tanks and vehicles in combat scenes or in military uses specific to their function,  plus thousands of badges, flags, pennants, helmets and military toys.

Be sure to visit on demonstration days. They fire the big guns, light the flamethrowers, have radio controlled tank battles, and so on. The schedule of events are listed on the web site. The facility has no heat or air conditioning so where clothing appropriate to the weather.

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