Flying Heritage and Combat Armor Museum, Everett, WA

This marvelous collection of mint-condition warbirds and combat vehicles is worth a visit by any measure but to see a MiG-29 puts it over the top. Founded by Microsoft billionaire Paul G. Allen, the Flying Heritage and Combat Armor Museum has an extensive collection of warbirds including the world’s only airworthy WWII Focke-Wulf Fw 190A German fighter and the last Fw 190D-13. The MiG-29UB Fulcrum is certainly one of the coolest jets in the world and just to see one is fascinating. This particular MiG was a frontline fighter for the Ukrainian Air Force and is finished in a light grey/dark grey camo paint.

An ever growing museum, there are 26 military vehicles on display all painted as if they just rolled off the production line. There’s a Sherman tank, an M48 Patton tank and M60 Patton tank, an M1A1 turret trainer, a Type 95 Japanese tank, a Soviet T-34 tank, plus artillery pieces and antiaircraft pieces. As of this writing, there are another 60 new military vehicles (tanks, half tracks and other Army vehicles) being prepared for release into the museum collection so be sure to check the web site for updates.
And don’t miss the many interactive displays inside the museum. There are eight enormous 98-inch screens that challenge your understanding of wars and the causes of war. Swipe them with your hands, move data left and right. The centerpiece is the Conflict Simulator Command Center. This one poses questions and scenarios and forces you to make “decisions” the consequences of which are played out on the monitors.

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The Flying Heritage and Combat Armor Museum.

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