U.S. Naval Undersea Museum, Keyport, WA.

U.S. Naval Undersea Museum consists of a 18,000 square feet of exhibits and artifacts that tell the story of Naval undersea submarine warfare. Located up in the Pacific Northwest on Puget Sound’s Kitsap Peninsula, you’ll know you’ve arrived when you see the museum’s handsome white building and the a collection of undersea submersibles in front with the sail of the submarine USS Sturgeon standing guard by the entrance.

Start inside the main building. Among the museum’s permanent exhibits is a fascinating collection of torpedoes including cutaways that let you see how the propulsion, fusing, and ranging technologies have evolved over the decades. Another dedicated exhibit focuses on undersea mines and how they work. After that, follow the curving path through the displays and see how nuclear subs carry and launch ICBMs, plus one on the complex physics of the oceans and how the Navy lives and fights in this incredibly hostile environment.

Another part of the “undersea” story is the story is undersea rescue. The exhibits on this topic are large scale objects including the deep sea rescue submersibles and research craft. You’ll see the diving bells and hard hats worn by underwater salvage experts.

This is a beautiful part of the Northwest with spectacular vistas of the sound. Many people spend a weekend here and you should too. Hotels and good restaurants can be found in the Keyport area.

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