Let History Be Your Destination The #1 Travel Guide To The History, Heroes, and Hardware Of Our Proud American Heritage


Our State-By-State Guide To The Fascinating (And Sometimes Free!) Places To Explore the Heroes, History, and Hardware Of Our Shared American History.

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One of America’s most prolific author, documentarian, and subject matter expert, Doug Keeney is the author of the bestseller The Top 100 Military Sites in America. Over the course of his 20 year career he has visited scores of museums and research archives. He is the cofounder of The Military Channel and his books have been well reviewed by The New York Times, Bloomberg, Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, The San Francisco Chronicle, The New Yorker, Newsweek Magazine, Slate, The Wall Street Journal and numerous other publications.

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Join us as we visit places where history was made. Coming up: Carthage on Viking.

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Patriots Point

The Vietnam Experience is a hit

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Video Blog

We visit the newly reopened First Division Museum at Cantigny Park, Wheaton, IL.

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Patton Closed

Renovations continue.

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