Services for Destinations

We help you engage with your audience, draw visitors, and make money.

Free ad

Let us help you reclaim your visitors as you enter the post-COVID-19 world. All qualified non-profit military museums are entitled to one 300×250 ad placement at no charge. Your ads will appear in the state-by-state listings based on your location.  You may update your ad monthly. Free ad space runs through 12.31.2021.  


Connect your expertise with a global audience via our publishing program.  We will work together with you to publish books related to your subject area in hardcover, paperback, e-book and audio formats.  We can publish any kind of book, from high-production-value coffee-table books with top-flight ghostwriters to highly specialized print-on-demand versions of  crucial references long out of print.   We have global distribution and can publish under your imprint or ours.

Virtual Reality Tours

We are partnering with a VR pioneer to provide exciting VR tours to travelers who are unable to visit your location at present.  The experience is like a combination of VR and Zoom with 360-degree high res imagery coupled with a live tour guide and the visitors in popup boxes.  The tours are priced so that the total revenue per tour from all participants is similar to what tour providers charge for bus or day trips.

We can work with you to provide either standalone tours of your destination or to include your destination in our Grand Tour packages that tour multiple destinations in a single setting.  

Web Search

We can include your content in Search Military Destination Websites.

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