1st Cavalry Museum Fort Hood, TX

An extensive and well-designed outdoor display of armored vehicles makes this stop more than worthwhile. Some 60 tanks, armored bulldozers, howitzers, artillery pieces – and more tanks –can be found in the outdoor tank park in front of the  1st Cavalry Museum. A long, winding walkway weaves in  and around  an M1E1 Abrams main battle tank, an M3 Stuart tank, an M4 Sherman, an M41 Walker, an M47 Patton, an M60 Patton, towed and self-propelled howitzers,,  a Soviet T55 and T72 main battle tank, antitank guns, an Honest John surface-to-surface missile (it had a nuclear warhead), plus Army helicopters and much, much more.

There is also a  modest array of indoor exhibits that tell the history of the 1st beginning with in frontier days of the U.S. Cavalry, through the Indian Wars, Vietnam, and up to today. This museum is located on base so bring ID and proof of insurance for your auto.

Hours:    Mon. – Fri.:  9am – 4pm

Sat:  10am – 4pm

Sun:  12pm – 4pm

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