Air Mobility Command Museum Dover, DE.

This is the place: The tail of a C-5A Galaxy

When we airlift relief supplies to earthquake victims or a hurricane ravaged islands, Air Mobility Command provides the cargo planes. Equally, when the President sends soldiers to Iraq or Afghanistan, Air Mobility Command gets the call. These stories, and the aircraft they use, are told at the Air Mobility Command Museum in Dover, Delaware.

Start your visit by exploring the enormous outdoor air park. Here you’ll find no less than 30 types of cargo planes and air refuelers including the largest-in-the-nation C-5 Galaxy cargo plane, the older C-141 Starlifter cargo plane, the C-97 Stratotanker aerial refueling tanker,  and the once hush-hush C-133 Cargomaster (it was specifically designed to load an ICBM and move it to a secret silo without revealing anything to the Soviets). Also on the ramp is a  KC-135 Stratotanker, a C-54 Skymaster, C-124 Globemaster and (even) a B-17 Flying Fortress.

If walking among these giants hasn’t exhausted you, go inside the  main hanger for the beautifully presented  dioramas and tableaus with stories and histories, one of which is the history of  Berlin Airlift, that 24/7 round robin air cargo delivery service that supplied the citizens of Berlin with food and coal during the Soviet blockade. Also on display are histories of airlift during the Korea War and in Vietnam, plus other exhibits on meritorious pilots and air crews.

An otherwise  quiet museum lacking the immersive display found elsewhere, the Air Mobility Command Museum  nonetheless makes good use of its planes. On open cockpit days you are welcome to walk through cargo holds or visit the cockpits of some of the airlifters. What makes it extra interesting is the period cargo they have tied down in the back. During a walk-through you  might see a 1950s fire truck or a pallet of M-1 rifles.

One final note. Before you leave, be sure to go up into the control tower to listen to live radio chatter between air traffic controllers and planes. This is the old tower so you’ll also be transported back in time while you enjoy the tremendous view of the display ramp.

Hours: Tuesday – Sunday:  9am – 4pm

Closed:  Monday

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