Army Aviation Heritage Foundation Hampton, GA. (South Atlanta Regional Airport)

A Huey flown by the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation lifts off with a load of passengers.

There’s a feeling of raw, urgent power when you fly in a UH-1 Huey. That big rotor slaps the air with brute force, the thump! thump! sound is overwhelming, and the experience  is unlike any other –  and this is the place to experience it.  The private, non-profit Army Aviation Heritage Foundation has no less than four UH-1 Hueys, four  AH-1 Cobras, and one OH-58 Kiowa (plus an O-1 Bird Dog scout plane, if you’re so inclined). All of the helicopters are  flown by highly experienced pilots, many of them former military.   Six of their choppers (3 Hueys and 3 Cobras) are based in Hampton, , Georgia. They also have a Huey and a OH-58 Kiowa at their air base in St. Louis, Missouri, and a Cobra in Meza, Arizona

Here’s how it works. When you arrive, you’ll meet your pilot who will walk you around your helicopter, tell you the history of combat helicopters and their mission. You’ll be briefed on the helicopter’s flight envelope, what your flight will entail, the dos-and-donts of being a passenger, and learn the various safety protocols. After that, you’re up in the air — and what an experience that will be. “Just like in Nam,” said one reviewer. “Fantastic!” wrote another.

Be sure to check their web site for an up-to-date listing of helicopters and locations – they are fluid. This group is extremely active and growing.

Hours:    Tues. – Thurs. & Sat.:  8am – 5pm

Friday:  9am – 5pm

Closed:  Sunday & Monday

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