Barksdale Global Power Museum Barksdale, LA

A view of the outdoor air display at Barksdale

In 1991,  one of the first combat sorties of Operation Desert Storm started  and ended in Louisiana.  It’s true. Seven B-52s flew non-stop from Barksdale AFB  in Louisiana to Iraq where they launched cruise missiles against key Iraqi targets and returned 35-hours later. If that’s not the definition of “global air power,” what is?.

With air  refueling tankers and high technology avionics on our bombers,  our Air Force is able to project power to any point on the globe and return home in time for a hot shower and dinner. That’s part of the story at the Global Power Museum located just down the road from Barksdale Air Force Base. This small museum has the history of the air base told through an abundance of artifacts including a rebuilt WWII-era preflight briefing room.

While the museum building is small, the  outdoor airpark is anything but. Here on display is the heavy metal of air power. You can see and touch WWII-era B-17 and B-24 bombers, a C-47, a B-29, a B-47, two B-52s, an FB-111, a KC-135 aerial tanker and an SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance plane. Add in a P-51 and a Mig-21, plus a few historic aircraft, and you  have a fabulous afternoon of walking among some of the greatest airplanes  of our United States Air Force.

Hours:    Daily:  9:30am – 4pm

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