Cavanaugh Flight Museum Addison, TX

This well-stocked museum in Addison, Texas greets you with a deep inventory of warbirds, military vehicles, and helicopters presented without much fanfare but beautifully preserved. Although it lacks the interactive displays and dioramas of other destinations, the Cavanaugh nonetheless has four hangers crammed with WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam-era aircraft plus a few tanks and military vehicles tucked in the corners.  In the main there is little  more than an informative placard or an occasional artifact (a weapon, an ejection seat, and so on) next to the model on display, but the variety of aircraft than makes up for it. German, Russian, British and American models are exhibited, P-47s, Spitfires,  and Heinkels included. Interestingly, there is a small “car show” here too with cars  from the 1950s next  to the planes.

The stock-in-trade here is a warbird ride.  In addition to the usual T-6 Texan, T-28 Trojan , P-51 Mustang and Stearman biplane (all on display, too), The Cavanaugh  offers flights in the huge AD5-W  Skyraider, the 0-2 Skymaster,  the F4-U Corsair (FG-1D), and the bubble canopy OH-13D Helicopter.

Qualified pilots brief you on the dos and donts and safety procedures and then take you up for a 30-minute flight Some aircraft have dual controls which, if booked with an optional CFI, means you can manipulate the flight controls.

During the airshow season, some of their planes may be on the airshow circuit so give them two weeks notice if you want a specific airplane.

Hours:  Monday – Saturday:  9am – 5pm

Sunday:  11am – 5pm

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