Charles B. Hall Memorial Park Tinker AFB, OK

Charles B. Hall was the first African American to shoot down an enemy aircraft in WWII and the first African American to receive the Distinguished Flying Cross. The Charles B. Hall Memorial Park at Tinker Air Force Base is an outdoor airpark open to the public with a dozen or so of well maintained World War II  and Cold War aircraft. Among them – a somewhat rare B-47 bomber, the weather gathering WB-29 model of the B-29 bomber (it provided the first area forecast of an impending tornado), a B-52 bomber, a B-1B bomber and an A-7 Corsair fighter and a F-105 fighter, to name a few of the more notable ones. Here and there among the planes are statues and memorials, among them a powerful depiction of Rosie the Riveter. Exit on Airport Depot Blvd off I-40.

Hours: Open daily 7AM-6PM

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