Drive A Tank Kasota, MN

An extensive collection of tanks and armored vehicles are available for you at Drive-A-Tank including a M4 Sherman, a British Chieftain main battle tank, and a 58-ton British Mark 5 Centurion with a 105mm gun. Drive or be driven, they have a 1-mile long wooded course that takes your through a “battlefield” complete with rough terrain, elevations, and a mud pit.  For an extra fee they’ll put a car in front of your tank and let  you  crush it. They even let you plow through a small house!

Drive-a-Tank is open to the public Friday through Sunday (they host corporate events during the week). For those who want to shoot machine guns they will take you to the indoor gun range. Hotel rooms are available in nearby Mankato, MN.

Hours:    Check Website for Reservation Instructions

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