Empire State Aerosciences Museum Schenectady, NY

For those of you who live in upstate New York, consider a visit to the Empire State Aerosciences Museum. This small destination has two dozen warbirds including  Soviet MiGs,  Century-series  jets (an F-101 and an  F-105), an exceedingly rare Navy RA-5 Vigilante, plus plenty of modern military aircraft, including an F-14 Tomcat and an A-10 Warthog. Best of all – and one of the reasons we recommend this destination to you – on display here is a large scale model of the Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi. Why is that notable? The Akagi was one of the six Japanese aircraft carriers that participated in the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. After Pearl Harbor, it continued to wreak havoc throughout the Pacific until in 1942 the Akagi sailed to Midway where  she was engaged by our own forces. Three SBD Dauntless dive bombers from the USS Enterprise peeled off and dived on the Akagi one of which scoring a direct hit with a 1,000-pound bomb. The bomb detonated in her hanger bay, which was filled with fueled aircraft, and  a fire broke out which they could not control. The Japanese ultimately scuttled her.

It would be months before the last Japanese aircraft carrier from Pearl Harbor was sunk (the last was the Zuikaku),  but sinking the Akagi was a significant victory for America on the long road to Tokyo.   A large, scale model of the Akagi is on display here and we thought that alone made this military destination particularly special.

Hours:  Fri-Sunday 10AM-4pm

Mon-Thurs: Closed

(Open on Tuesday thru Sunday through Labor Day)

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