Fort McCoy, WI

The Equipment Park inside Fort McCoy.

Fort McCoy is a major U.S. Army training center so to go on base you need to arrive during their posted Open Houses or schedule your own tour during the weekday.  Either way, there are  some fascinating things to see here. For one, there is a Commemorative Area, which is a cluster of WWII-era barracks that depict life as a solider in the 1940s, and an Equipment Park, with some  70 Army tanks, APCs, howitzers and helicopters. The WWII area  consists of  a restored administrative building, a WWII dining hall,  and old  barracks inside of which are period uniforms, foot lockers, and even a pot belly stove. You can  go inside the old barracks and visualize the way it was those many years ago, then stop in the adjacent History Center for more detailed information.

The Equipment Park is exhaustive and extensive. Among the military vehicles there are fire trucks, command trucks, reconnaissance vehicles, armored personal carriers, and supply trucks. Tanks include an M60 Patton, an M4 Sherman, an M1 Abrams, a rare, experimental TE95 main battle tank, plus a 155mm self-propelled howitzer, a 105mm towed howitzer, an M110 8-inch self propelled howitzer, and loads of others.

Access and hours are posted in the web site and vary according to which area you want to visit. Open Houses allow access to them all. Tours for 15 or more can be set up for any weekday with advance notice.

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