Museum of Aviation, Robbins AFB, GA

Beautiful dioramas and a thorough collection of airplanes keeps this in our Top 20. At 51 acres The Museum of Aviation is the second largest museum in the Air Force chain of official museums and one of the most visited museums in America. And for good reason. The outdoor grounds start with nothing less than a B-1B Lancer bomber then continue in a driving circle around the hangers with WWII, Korea and Cold War fighters, bombers, tankers, and more. Inside the four massive hangers you’ll find all of the iconic warbirds including a B-29, a B-17, a P-51 Mustang, a F-4, and F-15, an SR-71 and dozens more. Featured warbirds are placed in dioramas with colorful backdrops and mannequins placed just so.

We particularly like this site because it has all the warbirds, not just a few WWII or Cold War models. It’s a safe bet that if you’re interested in it, it’s here and you can get up-close to it, too.

The Area

The Museum of Aviation is in the heart of Georgia’s peach country so by all means save some time to visit an orchard and buy a peak of fresh Georgia peaches. We also found some excellent Mexican restaurants and a fantastic hotel to anchor your visit.

The Courtyard at Warner Robins

Where to stay? Yes, it’s a Marriott but not just any. A gem of a place here is the Courtyard Warner Robins. You’ll find a upgraded hotel with a beautiful lobby that includes framed wall art of some of our nation’s greatest aircraft. Plus in the back –where you sit to have breakfast on the way out to the courtyard — there is a POW/Missing Man table complete with a place setting and a red rose. The rooms were sparkling clean and the staff welcoming. Its 10 miles or so from the base but worth it. A top-of-the-list Courtyard by any measure.

An Update

We were a little disappointed by our June 2018 follow-up visit. Make no mistake about it – this is the place for lots of aircraft and fantastic stories, and by all means get in that line of cars that inch around the outdoor display of aircraft — but we’d sure like the staff to find some time to get out and spruce up the place. The parking lot looked shabby and the grounds needed a little trimming and weeding. That, plus some fresh paint on these great warbirds and this place would be in tip-top shape again.

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