Museum of the American G.I. College Station, TX

Armored and tracked vehicles are the staples at the Museum of the American G.I. You’ll find well restored tanks that include two variants of the M4 Sherman battle tank, plus an M5 Stuart tank, and an  M24 Chaffee. Seen shoulder-to-shoulder, they present an impressive – and intimidating – array. Around them are a half dozen wheeled vehicles (jeeps and trucks), plus  a M18 Hellcat tank destroyer, a M8 Greyhound APC, and others.

Most of this collection is from World War II but be sure to notice the Vietnam-era Cobra attack helicopter and the always fascinating PBR patrol boat also from the Vietnam conflict. This is a living history museum meaning they routinely start the engines and put everything  in motion. Watch for their annual Living History Weekend.

The museum is the brainchild of tank collector and military hardware expert Brent Mullins.   As of this writing there were six more tanks and other vehicles in restoration.

Hours:  Check their web site for hours. They are generally open Wed – Sunday 10AM – 5PM but this changes based on season.

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