National Military History Center, Auburn, IN

The National Military History Center is essentially a collection of World War II and Vietnam artifacts with exhibits and dioramas depicting and explaining combat scenes.  One full-size diorama shows a German combat unit manning a WWII-era  88mm antiaircraft gun in accurate World War II uniforms. Another full-size diorama depicts the meeting of the Americans and the Russians on the Elbe. A third  full-size diorama uses a real PT boat with a sailor ferociously firing at an inbound Japanese plane.

Explore this impressive destination.  You’ll find  mannequins in various military uniforms, scale models of battlefields, handguns, machine guns,  a Vietnam gun truck (nose art names it Rolling Thunder), a landing craft, Patton’s command car, and more. Plan on a good two hours here – this is a place where it can be said that there’s more here than immediately meets the eye. The Center is located off I69 just north of Fort Wayne, Indiana

Hours: Monday-Sunday 9AM – 5PM

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