Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Red Hook, NY

Biplanes fill the air over Old Rhinebeck

Hanger doors  open. Wood propellers are pulled.  Engines blossom to life with a puff of blue smoke and a biplane takes to the skies.  A long-forgotten era  comes to life just miles up the Hudson River from New York City at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome. A grass airstrip, old hangers, and even older airplanes will greet you, as will the quiet of a summer pasture with the distant sound of aircraft engines. This is an effortless trip back in time when the first fragile wood-and-cloth airplanes took to the skies.  You don’t need an invitation to come her – just arrive. But check the web site for airshows and biplane rides. There is almost always something going on each and every weekend through late Fall.

Hours:   Daily:  10am – 5pm

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