Pacific Coast Air Museum Santa Rosa, CA

View of the Pacific Coast Air Museum. They report that they were undamaged by the recent fires.

The Pacific Coast Air Museum in Santa, Rosa, California is nestled in the every-so-relaxed  atmosphere of California’s wine country. A grass roots organization run by passionate volunteers (many of whom are military veterans) the grounds are beautifully maintained and the museum is loaded with military jets including the actual F-15 Eagle that was the first to arrive over New York City on 9.11. Aptly named, it is called First Responder and is showcased in an exhibit by that name.

The museum has a collection of 35 planes both civilian and military with some perennial favorites among them including an F-14 Tomcat, an F-16 Fighting Falcon,  an A-6 Intruder and an A-7 Corsair, both of Gulf War fame. There is also a not-often-seen HU-16 Albatross, the first dedicated Search-and-Rescue seaplane built after World War II, and a plane they particularly love the A-26 Invader. It is aptly named City of Santa Rosa.

By all means, try to  come on Open Cockpit Days. It’s a great opportunity to lean in and take a look at a jet and in some cases sit in the pilot’s seat.  For their Vietnam weekend they opened up their F-4C Phantom, their F-105 Thunderchief, the A-4, the A-6,  and their  UH-1 Huey.

Above all, bring the kids. This is a family destination. The exhibits are both informational and entertaining and there are plenty of docents to answer questions. This compact 5-acre campus is easy to get to and is a solid half day of military fun. Located on the grounds of the Sonoma Country Airport.

Hours:   Wed. – Sun.:  10am – 4pm

Closed:  Mon. & Tues.

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