Peterson Air & Space Museum Colorado Springs, CO

The mountains are breathtaking, a weekend at the famous Broadmoor Hotel tempting — but so too is the Peterson Air & Space Museum. This beautifully landscaped 8-acre site is brimming with history and thousands of military artifacts from our various air defense and military space commands.

First the grounds. Many destinations will welcome you with spectacular architecture and soaring facades. Here, landscaping is what sets this museum apart.  The organizers created an all-new airpark in a series of half-circles all of which is tastefully landscaped and beautifully designed. You enter the air park through the old Colorado Springs Airport passenger terminal (beautifully restored). Inside you’ll see  exhibits about the old airport plus ones on the World War II years at Peterson Air Force Base (hence the museum’s name).

When you exit out the back you’re in the air park. Walk clockwise around the circle and explore the airplanes on each of the main “pads.”  Your eyes can’t help but be drawn to the beautiful EC-121 airborne early warning radar aircraft directly opposite the main building.  Depending on when you were born, you might recognize the airframe. In civilian life this was known as the Super C Constellation or, simply, the Connie.

There are jets and planes everywhere and many more in the Old City Hangar which is one of the hangars that braces the circular path.  Here you will see exhibits on air defense, US Air Force space and missile operations, and Colorado’s role in NORAD – our North American Aerospace Defense command.  Note that several Canadian aircraft are here, too. NORAD is a joint US-Canada endeavor.

Most of all, walk, think, reflect. These grounds are as beautiful as in any military destination in America.

Hours:   Tues. – Sat.:  9am – 4pm

Closed:  Sun, Mon, and Federal holidays

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