The Frontiers of Flight Museum Love Field, Dallas, TX

This Southwest 737 tells you this is no ordinary destination

Although technically not a military site there’s a lot to love about this spot just minutes from downtown Dallas. First of all, Love Field is where Southwest Airlines got its start, something that will be absolutely obvious to you when you arrive. Why? You can’t miss the tail of the Southwest Boeing 737 cleverly rammed into the side of the building.

After getting over that incredible sight – worth the trip by itself – go inside and enjoy the  selection of perfectly restored warbirds, biplanes, and modern jets.  There’s a T-38 Talon (our first supersonic jet trainer), an A-7 Corsair, plenty of civilian biplanes and sport planes, plus the other half of the 737 open for a cockpit tour.  Other things to capture your imagination – a piece of moon rock, a display that shows how Alexander Calder painted an entire Boeing 727 during his commission for “Flying Colors,” a Tomahawk cruise missile, an SR-71 cockpit simulator that was used to train pilots (the only one ever built), and a display showing you what a real “black box” looks likes. There are plenty of other military aircraft outside including an  F-16B two seat trainer  a Huey, and a F-105 fighter.

Civilian, maybe, but this is a well-designed museum filled with fascinating military artifacts and airplanes in every corner. The Museum Store has a nice selection of one-of-a-kind gifts, as well.

Hours:    Mon. – Sat.:  10am – 5pm

Sun.:  1pm – 5pm

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