The Greenbrier Bunker White Sulphur Springs, WV

The old nuclear fallout shelter for Congress is located at the Greenbrier Resort. Tours open to public.

A well-known destination, but well worth it,  this formerly secret continuity-of-government bunker was hidden for years but is now a top tourist attraction. Located on the grounds of the swank Greenbrier resort, this sprawling underground complex  was designed to provide Congress with a post-nuclear war “home” from which the nation might be governed. It was supposed to be utterly secret least the Soviets target it and end it all,  but the 7,000-foot long runway at the otherwise unused local airstrip gave it away. The bunker was eventually acknowledged, shut down, cleaned up and opened to the public.

Carved out of the side of the mountain, the  official tour takes you through the enormous steel doors into a tunnel that seems longer than a football field at the end of which is  a 112,000 square foot bunker for 1,100 people. There is an auditorium with green seats for 470 people, rows and rows of high school-like lockers, a hospital, a broadcast center (to communicate to outside survivors), a dormitory with bunk beds for 1,100, and  a kitchen with tons of emergency rations, all of which are on display.

Tours last about 90 minutes and depart from the Lobby at the Trellis Lobby. As you walk around think not only of the expense but that we have several unacknowledged continuity-of-government facilities still in operation. Just in case.

Hours:    Daily:  9:30am – 3:30pm (subject to change)

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