The Museum of the American Revolution Philadelphia, PA.

The newly opened Museum of the Revolutionary War

As school children, millions of us made the journey to Philadelphia to see Independence Hall and The Liberty Bell, but there was always something missing. Yes, it was fascinating to walk around the city and visit places, but where was the story? That problem has now been solved in the form of the all-new, Museum of the American Revolution.  Opened in 2017, everything you want to know about the seeds of the American Revolution — and its outcomes –are here in one beautiful building. Exhibits challenge you to remember the many challenges on the road to independence against a King to whom generations of ones own family had pledged their allegiance.  Emotional, tricky stuff, yes — and the museum makes that point time and again as the displays and exhibits artfully help you see the Revolution the way it was, warts and all.

Start in the theater up front in the Main Gallery and view the 15 minute overview of the Revolution then work your way through the many, many exhibits. The museum uses old letters, scale models, full-sized dioramas, panoramas, and interactive video kiosks to tell the many stories of the Revolution. Crowd favorites include the  recreation of Boston’s Liberty Tree where the leaders of the revolution discussed their cause and made plans, and the full sized Privateer that raided British ships. Be sure to see the collection of the weapons of the Revolution, George Washington’s command tent, as well as scenes and stories depicting some of the major battles of the war. You will end up your visit in Battlefield Theater with its sights, sounds and motions.

After an hour or so on your feet the Cross Keys Café is a welcome break for a cold drink and a sandwich. And don’t miss the gift shop for period coffee mugs, busts, and other gifts you won’t find anywhere else.

Hours: Daily, 10am – 5pm, extended summer hours.

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