The National Infantry Museum, Columbus, GA

The National Infantry Museum is a must-see site for any military enthusiast or historian. Located next to the Army’s Fort Benning, this beautiful museum tells history using life sized dioramas with soldiers body cast from real soldiers and large scale emplacements with actual guns, tanks and cliffs to climb. The knock-down winner here is The Last 100 Yards. You enter through a stunning visual display of Army values then start an uphill walk that runs the length of the building and takes you through one iconic battlefield after the other. After that you must buy a ticket to experience the VR scenarios that play out in the Humvee or the Blackhawk ($7.50 each). Then walk through the displays making certain you save time to go outside to see the replica Vietnam Memorial and the memorial (with the bronzed soldiers) to the nearly 7,000 who have died in the ongoing war on terror.

The Area

Columbus is a destination in its own right. There is an active riverfront with urban white-water rafting, a zoo, a fantastic rifle range, a terrific public gold course, and a zip line that takes you across the river and back! We focused on the Infantry Museum and spent extra time seeing the parade grounds and the WWII barracks but you could put on a bathing suit and enjoy the activities down on the Chattahoochee. Truly a A+ family weekend


Don’t forget the Hampton Inn next to the museum. Check in and walk across the (long) parking lot to the museums front door. It’s actually on base but in the area between the public entrance to the museum and the gated entrance to the base.

Update – June 2018

We returned to check out the National Infantry Museum — and 5-stars again! The Last 100 Yards is overwhelming — but toss in 150 recruits in their fifth week of basic training and it will bring tears to your eyes. However, with or without soldiers this remains a must-see site for all ages.

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