USS Constitution Museum Charlestown, MA

The USS Constitution underway in Boston harbor.

Our naval history goes back to  1794 when warships were first authorized by Congress. Foremost among them  was  the beautiful three-masted frigate named Constitution. Named by  President George Washington in honor of our constitution (but nicknamed Old Ironsides because of the cannon balls that miraculously bounced off her hull during the War of 1812),  the Constitution has been newly overhauled and recently returned to the water. Walk her decks, feel the polished wood under your feet, and take in the exhibits that are located in her landside building. Be sure to see“All Hands on Deck,” a fascinating portrait of a sailors life circa  1812, and “Old Ironsides In War and Peace.”

An excellent gift shop is just to the left as you enter the Constitution Museum. And be sure to note the architecture of this building. The museum is housed in Charlestown Navy Yard Building 22, the old engine room. Building 22 was designed by Alexander Parris, the same architect who designed Boston’s Quincy Market.

Hours:    Daily:  10am-5pm

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