West Point Museum U.S. Military Academy, NY

The tower at the West Point Museum

Like the Naval Academy, the U.S. Military Academy is a military destination in and of itself but what makes this extra special is the museum. This is the oldest military museum in America with displays and exhibits that show us the parallels between military history and American history. The Revolutionary War? Here you can see the links from a  chain that was stretched across the Hudson River to block the British fleet. Also here? LTC George Custer’s last message from The Battle of  Little Bighorn, the cannon that fired the first American shot of WWI, plus an excellent  history of the  Manhattan Project (it was run by the U.S. Army) and a replica of the bomb dropped on Nagasaki (remember, the U.S. Air Force was then the U.S. Army Air Force). And so it goes. Two great histories intertwined like strains of DNA.

Requires access to the campus. Check website for current requirements.

Hours:    10:30am – 4:15pm

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