What are the best museums about Gurkhas?

J.P. Cross

The Gurkhas are famous soldiers and their reputation for bravery and selfless service is what  Top Military Destinations is all about.  We caught up today with Gurkha legend Lieutenant Colonel John Cross O.B.E.  He is an active 96 years old and has lived in Nepal for many years.   Author of twenty books, a legend in jungle warfare, he is a fascinating man.  (For more, see this 2018 interview in Forces UK.)

We asked Colonel Cross “what are the best museums to learn about the Gurkhas?”  There is no one who can give a better answer.  Here is what he told Top Military Destinations.

The Gurkha Museum in Winchester, England, has the best and most inclusive collection of items concerning Gurkhas and their military history, dating back to 1815.  Certain aspects of Gurkha military ventures are in the Imperial War Museum, London, including the J P Cross Archives of around 400 interviews with Gurkha veterans concerning service between 1939 and 1999.  Many of these have been published in Gurkhas at War (Greenhill Books, London) and an up-dated edition, Gurkhas, the World’s Best Soldiers (Adarsh Enterprises, New Delhi), that included Sierra Leone and Afghanistan.  The Gurkha Memorial Museum in Pokhara, Nepal includes items from the (Royal) Nepal Army, the post-1947 Indian Army and the Gurkha Contingent (Singapore).

We will visit each of these museums in future posts in this new International category!